Setting up and running production

Our company offers setting up and launching production, based on a patented line with equipment of our production, for processing materials and preparing for further production of them: pressed pallet blocks , pressed pallets , pellets and fuel briquettes .

Our technologist has already set up and launched the production of many enterprises. The entire line for the preparation of sawdust is of our own production and is perfectly debugged.

Sawdust preparation line

Raw materials: sawdust, wood chips, slabs, any wood waste;
Wood type: coniferous and deciduous wood species;
Content in wet raw materials : 40-80 percent;
Content in dry raw materials: 1-14 percent
Fuel loading: manual (lump waste, firewood, balance, etc.);

Equipment for production start-up

Crushing plant for crushing the available fraction to the desired one with replaceable screens (sieve)


Radial dust fan VRP 6 (medium pressure) for pneumatic unloading into a crushing plant


Cyclone – unloader of raw sawdust from the air flow UTs 6


Airlock 2.2 for dosing sawdust


Hopper-receiver with auger feed


Radial dust fan VRP 4 (high pressure) for supplying raw sawdust to the drying unit


Solid fuel heat exchanger


Drying unit. Productivity from 800 to 1200 kg per hour, depending on the moisture content of raw materials


Cyclone for unloading raw sawdust into drying unit UTs 4


Air mixer for hot and cold air regulation




High temperature thermocouple


High-temperature radial dust fan VRP 8


Cyclone for unloading dry sawdust UTs 8


Bunker – storage for dry sawdust


Closed compartment for feeding sawdust into the drying unit


Turbo pipe diameters: 600, 500, 300, 250


Control cabinet for each Electric unit
Aspiration for presses and production hall
100 м
Glue mixing hopper


The drying unit is designed for drying wood waste. Humidity is reduced from 40 – 80 percent to 1 – 14 percent.

The drying complex is equipped with a full set of equipment and operates both on dry and wet raw materials. Does not harm the environment. The complete set of the complex allows you to increase its productivity by purchasing separate equipment and including it in an existing production cycle.

The productivity of the equipment is designed to operate at least 20 hours a day, 26 days a month. There are 6-8 people in one shift, 1 drying operator can simultaneously work on 2 lines. Since the line can be automated by a preliminary order, and also does not require significant manual movement of weights, it is possible to use up to 50% of women in shifts.

For our drying complex, it is necessary to have at least 400 sq. m., excluding storage facilities, ceiling height of at least 5 meters, it is possible to place it in parts in different rooms of any type. It is permissible to place equipment for the preparation of raw materials on the street under a hitch. Individual production and placement of equipment is carried out.

Complex advantages

  • Any of the line participants can work independently of each other, that is, at any time you can stop any of the line work cycles.
  • The raw material preparation section can process sawdust or wood chips, regardless of whether the dryer is running or not, while the rest of the complex can be serviced.
  • Our line, unlike other manufacturers of similar equipment, first crushes the raw material, and only then the operator starts drying. The advantage of this method is that the raw material is already initially crushed to a homogeneous fraction, this is necessary so that the sawdust is evenly distributed and dried inside the drying unit at a given temperature. From other manufacturers, sawdust, along with chips, shavings, bark and other waste, immediately goes to the drying section, without receiving the desired fraction, which does not allow the material to dry out stably at all stages. And for different fractions, their own specific temperature is needed.
  • The heat exchanger is made of heat-resistant material, works without the consumption of electricity on sawmill waste, does not have a chimney, which allows you to save heat without emitting into the atmosphere, all the heat remains inside the exchanger. Working around the clock is recommended.
  • The drying unit is small-sized, operates without the consumption of electrical energy, and has no mechanical components. Despite its small dimensions, the sawdust drying path is almost 100 meters. Doesn’t need repair and maintenance. Heat-resistant material is also produced. A carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system is installed inside.
  • All cyclones are also made of heat-resistant material and are connected to a carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system. When you turn on and off the line, there is an independent unloading from the remains of dust and sawdust inside.
  • Delivery, installation and launch of the line is carried out as soon as possible and does not take more than 15 days from start to finish (with a ready-made standard version). With individual execution from two to six months, depending on the complexity.

Setting up and starting production

Fuel briquettes production
Pellet production
Production of pressed pallet blocks
The payback period for the equipment is 10-11 months.

Manufacturing and delivery of a line for drying and pressing sawdust for the production of pressed blocks for pallets , with a finished product output of up to  4-6 m3 per day with 1 press – 15 000 000 rubles .

Personnel: 6-8 people (in one shift)

With the possibility of increasing up to 120 m3 per day due to additional 2 presses .

Pressed pallet production
The payback period for the equipment is 8-9 months.

Manufacturing and delivery of a line for drying and pressing sawdust for the production of pressed pallets , with a finished product output of up to 350 pallets per day with 1 press – 28,000,000 rubles .

Personnel: 6-8 people (in one shift)

With the possibility of increasing up to 1000 pallets per day due to additional 2 presses .

Contact us to set up and start production

Прессованная продукция из опила: серые пеллеты, белые пеллеты, топливные брикеты, шашки для поддонов (бобышки) и прессованные поддоны.

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