Consulting and promotion of your production in the Internet

When starting production , you will inevitably face many difficulties in:

  • Developing your recognizable brand.
  • Website development about your production and products.
  • Correct optimization and website promotion.
  • Optimization of interaction with customers and employees.

If you do not do everything right at the very beginning, as the business develops, the problems will increase: how to get “hot” customers, how to find you, how to position the company correctly, how to organize all the processes within the company.

Our company offers consulting services in the field of promotion and organization of your business in the field of marketing and the Internet.

If you do not have specialists in this field on your staff, it is better to ask for help and not learn from your mistakes.

Consulting is needed to help a business effectively solve emerging or forecasted problems, eliminate erroneous decisions and achieve planned goals.

Promoting your business
You are engaged in production, we are looking for clients and your promotion.

Consulting types

By subject

Management consulting  Search for problems of a general nature, the possibility of their occurrence in the future and develop a solution. This type of consulting covers all issues except production. This is the adjustment of work within the company, the systematization of all processes, the connection and configuration of CRM or similar systems for carrying out all actions, their analysis and access to information in a convenient format. For each type of production, this moment is individual and does not have a common solution.

Manufacturing consulting Investigation of the entire production from the manufacture of products to their sale and delivery. A lot depends on the reliability and stability of production . Used to optimize production . Everything related to the manufacture or sale of products is investigated – technical capabilities, logistics, personnel. The production maintains the company’s image as a reliable supplier of constant volumes of products , a guarantee of product quality, which depends on the purchased materials until compliance with the production technology.

By method

Expert.  A specialist with experience in your field, conducts a full analysis, finds problems and outlines in detail the steps to solve them. Everything is prepared in the format of documentation, which is presented and clarified incomprehensible points.

Process. The specialist carries out all the work as in expert consulting and continues to advise, help and control all stages. The term for process consulting is determined upon completion of all work and achievement of the previously set results. In fact, you get a specialist on your staff, only for the period you need.

Educational.  The specialist analyzes, finds problems and proposes solutions to all problems. It also helps in implementing solutions, advising staff, training them and improving their qualifications. Outcome of work: optimization of all processes in your company and advanced training of your employees.

Consulting forms

Consulting services can be carried out in several formats

Consulting.  As a rule, these are one-time consulting services on issues arising from the client.

Analytics.  The expert studies various data, analyzes them in relation to the desired result, forms hypotheses and proposes solutions that will help the client achieve the desired goal.

Forecasting.  The specialist applies various methods and tools to simulate future situations. As a result, the client can find the optimal development path for himself.

Revision and audit.  The consultant examines the client’s business, identifies all the shortcomings and errors, suggests ways to eliminate negative aspects.

Participation in the client’s activities.  In this case, the expert accompanies the client from start to finish. First, he analyzes the business, finds shortcomings, looks for solutions, and then helps to implement these solutions. Evaluates results and makes adjustments as needed.

Extensive development experience:


Studying competitors in your field, developing a logo and corporate identity elements for your company: name, logo, business cards, documentation, social networks, outdoor advertising and more. A very important stage that affects the positioning and recognition of your company.

Website development

Nowadays, the site is an indispensable attribute of a modern, serious company. But a bad site can be worse. Our specialists have extensive experience in both interface design and UX design. Based on your services and products, our specialists will develop a modern website for you: a business card website, a corporate website and an online store.

Internet promotion

Your website and corporate identity may be great, but if potential customers can’t find you, they are devalued. Our specialists will optimize your site and promote it to the first positions in search engines: organize the structure of the site, carry out technical optimization, fill it with content, link it to all social networks and online services.


Our specialists will monitor site positions, work with social networks and advise your staff, organize work using services and help you figure out all the intricacies. Provide training to improve the overall literacy of all staff.

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