White pellets in bulk

White pellets from “Komi Drova” are distinguished by exceptional purity (no bark and other impurities) and quality (all sawdust is dried and from a homogeneous breed). Based on this, we can say that they are of very high quality, but more expensive than gray pellets .

The production works all year round. Therefore, it is better to buy for future use in the summer. prices are much lower and more free production.

Komi Firewood. White pellets from the producer in Syktyvkar.
Higher calorific value

4501 kcal/kg

Net calorific value

4166  kcal/kg

Bulk density

670 kg/m3

Mechanical strength

≥ 98%

Volatile matter yield


Ash content



7,5 %


6 mm

9500 rub/t

BIG BAG packing
Price on 10.10.2021
  • 100% prepayment before loading
  • Payment for delivery upon unloading
  • We work with and without VAT
  • Minimum volume 20 tons

Contacts for ordering white pellets in bulk

Our company offers white pellets at a favorable price. The products are intended for heating cottages, summer cottages and other facilities. On our site products are presented in the form of pellets, the diameter of the products is 6 mm. They do not contain bark, are made from birch, do not have soot, they have a low ash content.

They create products from wood waste, the material is environmentally friendly, it completely burns out during operation. Heat transfer from products is 4 times. higher than that of firewood. They do not contain glue and are affordable.

White pellets

Products made from wood sawdust and other waste have broad prospects for exploitation. Products are used for boilers that operate on solid fuels. After combustion, they emit a lot of heat and allow you to quickly heat a room or a residential building.

Material advantages:

  • homogeneous structure;
  • ash content 0.1%;
  • fast combustion rate;
  • density;
  • small amount of moisture;
  • the heat of combustion is higher than that of the grays.

We offer white pellets from the manufacturer . We create products from the forest in the Komi Republic. The main condition for the use of products is the presence of a special boiler. To obtain a product that has a weight of 1,000 kg. 2.2 m3 of various wood waste is required. We offer customers to order goods in any volume. For industrial use, we supply products from 20 tons.

Product Features

The waste is sorted, thanks to which quality products are obtained. The product dries well, does not contain moisture, and has a homogeneous structure. Products are shaped during manufacture. We offer wholesale white pellets in our company.

The quality of our white pellets is of the European level. We provide customers with products in new and durable big bags. Our white pellets are made from natural wood chips, sawdust and shavings. There are no additives in it, they do not contain dust, they have a minimum of ash.

White pellets are environmentally friendly, do not contain chemical components. They are convenient to use, unlike ordinary firewood. After using the fuel, the burner will be clean and free of debris.

White pellets have a light color after pressing sawdust or shavings. They appear after planing boards and beams. Products are subjected to special chamber drying.

White pellets belong to the premium class. They have a moisture content 2 times less than dried wood. Due to their shape and flowability, they are convenient to use for different types of boilers.

After combustion, the products are odorless, so allergies are excluded. We supply products in big bags. Thanks to this, products can be transported over any distance. The packaging material is durable and tear resistant.

The products have a beautiful appearance, the granules do not crumble during transportation. Due to the low ash content, the pellets burn excellently.

Our advantages

  • we supply high quality goods;
  • products are made from quality materials;
  • the ability to order products wholesale and retail;
  • acceptable price.

Our pellets are of excellent quality. This is very important, as low-quality products can lead to boiler breakdown.

Products are used for stoves, boilers, boiler rooms, fireplaces. Products have an acceptable cost if you order them in bulk from us. We work with wholesalers and retailers.

When receiving products in production, the required pressure and temperature are used. Therefore, they do not crumble and retain their shape. The color of products is influenced by the type of raw materials. Gray pellets have a slightly darker color than white, light ones are obtained from birch. The presence of harmful substances is minimal, in contrast to the use of fuel oil and coal. The ash that forms after burning can be used as fertilizer. Eco-friendly, high-quality and reliable products can be ordered on our website or by phone.

If you need pellets all the time, we suggest concluding a contract for regular deliveries of goods. This option is very profitable, you do not need to constantly look for suppliers. We will offer competitive prices, quality goods from the manufacturer.

Comparative characteristics of white pellets and firewood

Heat of combustion

  • Based on 1 kg for firewood, this parameter (in MJ) is about 8, while for pellets its value is in the range of 16-18. plastic packaging (polyethylene bags). With well-organized transportation, storage (without damaging the capping), the pellets will not absorb moisture. For them, the humidity indicator is no more than 8%.

    Firewood cannot boast of this. For the firebox, mainly low-grade wood is purchased. The value of its natural moisture content is at the level of 55 ± 5%. Drying at home will remove only part of the water from it. But it will not be possible to achieve a decrease in characteristics below 15%. As a rule, firewood placed in the stove contains about 24 ± 2% moisture. Accordingly, the calorific value is reduced.

    Conclusion – pellets for heating are more efficient.

Прессованная продукция из опила: серые пеллеты, белые пеллеты, топливные брикеты, шашки для поддонов (бобышки) и прессованные поддоны.

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