Checkers (lugs) for sawdust pallets

Komi Firewood. Checkers for pallets from sawdust and product residues after sawing from the manufacturer in Syktyvkar.
Moisture content no more than 20%
High crack resistance
High nail retention
Dimensional stability with temperature fluctuations
Moisture resistance
100% recyclable and thermal
Size range according to your order

We will calculate the price with and without VAT

10500 Rub/m3

Size 10×10 cm

Prices without VAT On the date 10.01.2021

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Barrels are created from sawdust and products obtained after sawing wood. The products are excellent packaging for the movement of goods. We provide buyers with durable pressed products. Bar density from which the product is created is 0.5-0.7 t/m3. We use high quality raw materials, so the products are resistant to cracks, breaks, moisture.

Buy beads (bosses) for pallets we can have any size. You can order the goods wholesale and retail.

Checkers (bosses) for the pallets

Our company manufactures and sells products from sawdust. The goods correspond to European quality. We offer our buyers product sizes 100h100h1100, 145h145h1100, 95h95h1100 and other sizes.

Production of checkers is an automated complex process. Products are obtained by using a hydraulic special mill. It is required to create the necessary shape.

Checkers (bosses) for pallets from the manufacturer – it is durable, high quality products. They are created from sawdust and special glue. To obtain the product is crushed, dried and mixed with special adhesives. Then the material is pressed, cut. 500 kg of raw materials and 90 kg of glue are needed to produce 1 m3 of checkers.

The product turns out durable, reliable, withstands considerable loads and has a lower price as opposed to metal products.

In our organization we offer our customers to order a checkers (bosses) for pallets in bulk. Goods are made on quality modern equipment. For the manufacture uses reliable raw materials, which has high strength and durability.

Product advantages

  • does not have cracks;
  • good nailability;
  • has a long service life;
  • high quality;
  • The possibility of ordering products of different sizes and shapes;
  • The percentage of humidity is small and amounts to 8%;
  • created from quality pine and hardwood chips;
  • resistance to low and high temperatures and loads;
  • not subject to mold, rot, insects;
  • environmentally friendly.

Scope of application

Products are very popular with enterprises and companies. Such products are often used to package goods directly from the conveyor for further transport. For this task we offer our buyers different types of pallets at a reasonable price.

Checkers are also used for storing and transporting goods. They can have different shapes and sizes. Production of goods is carried out on special equipment. Thanks to which the mixture is dosed when you receive the product. This ensures the quality of products.

Products are made using special pressing. Products have excellent strength, good looks and reasonable cost. To obtain products use the method of pressing. This allows the form and provide density to the new product.

On a special device, the raw material is passed through the filers heated to a certain temperature.

The production process is very simple, you can get a large number of products. We take orders for the delivery of bulk quantities. Our customers can purchase the goods in any quantity.

Our advantages

  • Wide range of barrels of different sizes;
  • Possibility to order the goods in any quantity;
  • High quality and reasonable price.

We are glad to cooperate with transport companies, industrial and commercial enterprises. We will offer favorable conditions. We organize the delivery of products on a regular basis.

Our company provides buyers with quality and reliable goods. You can place your order on our website or by phone. The goods are designed for transportation of different kinds of products. The bosses are made of environmentally friendly and high quality materials. We deliver the goods on time, and you can order delivery.

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