Pressed wooden pallets

Коми Дрова. Прессованные деревянные поддоны от производителя в Сыктывкаре.
Weight is less than 60% compared to wooden pallets
Any sizes on request
Sterilized and protected from all pests
Minimum moisture content
High strength
Super compactness
The pallet can be gripped from 4 sides

We will calculate the price with and without VAT

330 / м3

Pallet 120×120

250 / м3

Pallet 120×80

Prices without VAT On the date 10.01.2021

Contacts for ordering pressed wooden pallets

Sawdust pressed pallets are a good alternative to wooden pallets and pallets. Combining all the advantages of conventional wood pallets, pressed pallets are the next technological level of pallet production. The pallet has a special shape with stiffening ribs.

Due to the fact that the process of making a pallet from wood-shaving pulp occurs at high pressure and high temperature, all parasites are killed, thus phytosanitary processing of pallets is automatically performed.

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