Pressed pallets from sawdust

Pressed pallets from “Komi Drova” are of exceptional quality. We do not save on glue and comply with all production requirements. Based on this, we can say that they are much better than any wooden pallets and are in the same price range. They combine the advantages of wood, have a comfortable shape and stiffening ribs, thanks to which they can withstand up to 4 tons. They create sawdust products. Products are subjected to high pressure and temperature during manufacture, so bacteria die.

The production  works all year round. Therefore, it is better to buy for future use in the summer. prices are much lower and more free production.

Коми Дрова. Прессованные деревянные поддоны от производителя в Сыктывкаре.
Weight is less than 60% compared to wooden pallets
Any sizes on request
Sterilized and protected from all pests
Minimum moisture content
High strength
Super compactness
The pallet can be gripped from 4 sides
Loading capacity 3,000 kg.
Weight 20 kg.

400 rub/pcs.

Size 120 × 80 and 120×100

Price on 10.10.2021
  • 100% prepayment before loading
  • Payment for delivery upon unloading
  • We work with and without VAT
  • Minimum volume 20 tons

Contacts for ordering pressed pallets from sawdust

Pressed pallets from sawdust

In contrast to wooden products, the weight of our products is 60% lighter (about 15 kg). You can buy pressed pallets of any size from us. They are durable and reliable.

Products replace pallets and wooden pallets. They are made from sawdust by pressing. Due to the stiffening ribs, the products are provided with stability. Due to the special shape, the products can withstand heavy loads.

Our organization is engaged in the production of pallets that comply with GOST. We offer customers different sizes of products at an affordable price.

Sawdust from coniferous and deciduous wood species are used as raw materials. Pallets have excellent strength, are resistant to negative factors, decay. Products are used for storage of various goods and transportation. We offer inexpensive pallets from the manufacturer .

Scope of application

  • Transport organizations;
  • Warehouses;
  • Firms that are engaged in trade;
  • Hypermarkets;
  • Manufacturing organizations.

Products can be ordered for storage and delivery of different types of goods. The products are popular in various fields, they are used for loading and unloading various types of goods and their transportation. We offer to order pressed pallets in bulk in our company.

Pallet manufacturing technology

  1. Chips and sawdust are prepared for further processing. At this stage, the products are separated from dirt and sieved.
  2. The material is granulated or crushed. The product is 44 mm. the size. This is necessary in order for the products to be pressed quickly.
  3. If the products have a moisture content of 8%, then they are dried.
  4. After that, the products are glued on the equipment.
  5. Then pressing is carried out, the pallets are given the required shape.
  6. After the products have cooled down, they are sent to customers.

The products we offer correspond to GOST, dimensions. It can withstand dynamic loads.

Product advantages

  • They have dimensions 1200×1000, 1200×800 mm and others.
  • Withstand dynamic load up to 1500 kilograms, static load up to 4000 kilograms.
  • The weight is about 15 kg.
  • Pallets comply with GOST.
  • The material is not susceptible to mold and mildew.
  • With the help of a loader, it is possible to grab from different sides.
  • The special shape allows products to be folded into each other.

Get a mass for pallets when exposed to high temperatures and pressure. Thanks to this, sanitization is carried out. Products are environmentally friendly, reliable and of high quality.

We offer products that comply with GOST. When creating a product, we use only high-quality materials, which ensures the durability of the product. Pallets are easy to use and store. We offer buyers favorable prices.

You can clarify information about the product in detail and make an order by phone. Our managers will help you with your choice. The products are an excellent choice for the transportation of various goods. They are rigidly shaped for ease of use.

Pressed pallets are  fireproof, resistant to various loads, negative factors. Pallets have an acceptable cost in contrast to metal products. Thanks to this, it is possible to save money.

Our advantages

  • We work with wholesale and retail clients.
  • We supply high quality goods.
  • It is possible to order products of different sizes from us.
  • Acceptable price.

If you are planning to buy high-quality and reliable pressed pallets, please contact our company. We will offer products of different sizes, high quality. Our product is lightweight, but despite this it can withstand significant loads and is not inferior in quality to wood products. We offer favorable terms of cooperation, low prices.

Прессованная продукция из опила: серые пеллеты, белые пеллеты, топливные брикеты, шашки для поддонов (бобышки) и прессованные поддоны.

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