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Komi Firewood. Pellets gray from the producer in Syktyvkar.
Higher calorific value

4875 kcal / kg

Net calorific value

4429 kcal / kg

Ash content



9,1 %


8 mm


From 1 ton

We will calculate the price with and without VAT

5 500 / ton

BIG BAG stitched

6 500 / ton

Packing 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 kg

Prices without VAT On the date 10.01.2021

Softwood pellets, diameter 80mm. They are made from wood waste, without bark.

They are characterized by low ash content and the absence of soot, due to which they are actively used in boilers.

Fuel pellets, or pellets, are wood shavings pressed into cylinders.

Pellets are made from waste of the wood processing industry – it is an environmentally friendly material that burns almost completely.

What is the advantage of pellets
Heat transfer is about 18 MJ / kg, which is 4 times higher than that of ordinary needles firewood (4.3 MJ / kg) or birch logs (4.2 MJ / kg).
Do not emit harmful substances, do not smoke. A crowd is made without the involvement of additional compounds, glue, which ensures high environmental friendliness and popularity.
They do not take up much space during storage, transportation. If you buy wood pellets in bulk in bags, big bags, on pallets, then the saving of storage space will be 50%, and during transportation, the loss of usable space will be only 10%.
Pellets and briquettes can be purchased from a direct manufacturer with up to 30% cost savings.

Production of pellets and fuel briquettes
Fuel briquettes, pellets, lugs, chip pallets from the manufacturer in Syktyvkar with delivery across Russia and Europe
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