Pellets gray and cappuccino

Gray pellets from “Komi Drova” are distinguished by exceptional purity (no bark and other impurities) and quality (all sawdust is dried and from a homogeneous breed). Based on this, we can say that they are very close in characteristics to whites, but much cheaper than them and are produced without interruption.

The production works all year round. Therefore, it is better to buy for future use in the summer. prices are much lower and more free production.

Gray pellets from Komi firewood
Higher calorific value

4875 kcal / kg

Net calorific value

4429 kcal / kg

Ash content



9,1 %


8 mm

8500 rub/t

BIG BAG packing

Price on 10.10.2021
  • 100% prepayment before loading
  • Payment for delivery upon unloading
  • We work with and without VAT
  • Minimum volume 20 tons

Contacts for ordering gray pellets in bulk

The choice of fuel for heating systems is a matter of financial costs, efficiency and ecology, therefore all options are considered very carefully. Recently, pellets are becoming more and more popular – a type of solid biofuel that combines many beneficial properties.

Benefits of using pellets

Pellets are made from wood waste: pre-shredded and dried plant materials. Since the cost of such production is relatively low, the production itself is cheaper than other types of fuel, especially if you buy pellets in bulk . Outwardly, they look like cylindrical granules with a diameter of 8 mm, this is the best diameter for the price / quality ratio.

It is generally accepted that gray pellets are inferior to white ones in quality. Actually this is not true. Indeed, in some cases, wood is used together with bark in the production of gray pellets. This is the reason for their low quality, as well as a specific color.

Our company produces gray coniferous wood pellets without the use of bark. Their color differs from white due to the peculiarities of the wood itself, and the quality practically does not differ from white pellets.

Features of fuel production

For the production of pellets, a special technology is used, which includes several stages:

  • Sorting of raw materials for the manufacture of conventional and gray pellets, crushing material with different fractions;
  • Drying in a capsule;
  • Formation of granules of certain sizes, which are set in the equipment settings;
  • Packing in bags or containers.

For storage, dry, closed areas with good ventilation are used.

Where to buy gray pellets inexpensively?

In our company you can buy pellets made from coniferous sawdust. We use wood without bark, origin from the Komi Republic. This makes it possible to ensure high quality, and modern equipment allows maintaining good production volumes – about 2500 tons per month.

To create high quality products, we strictly adhere to all technological requirements and standards. Buying pellets from the manufacturer in our company, you get:

  • Quality assurance, thanks to careful control of each stage of production;
  • Affordable prices due to the absence of intermediaries;
  • The ability to purchase products in any required volume;
  • Attractive delivery cost, since we use our own railway dead-end, loading products directly into wagons and containers;
  • Expert advice on any issues related to the purchase and use of pellets;
  • Availability of road transport in the main directions;
  • Volume guarantee due to a large and constant volume of high-quality sawdust.

Gray pellets are suitable for heating residential and commercial buildings, do not pose a health or environmental hazard and provide a useful efficiency. Due to its production from natural wood, such fuel has a low ash content and does not provoke allergic reactions. Buying pellets from our company is a real opportunity to save money without losing quality.

Comparative characteristics of gray pellets and firewood

Heat of combustion

Based on 1 kg for firewood, this parameter (in MJ) is about 8, while for pellets its value is in the range of 16-18. plastic packaging (polyethylene bags). With well-organized transportation, storage (without damaging the capping), the pellets will not absorb moisture. For them, the humidity indicator is no more than 8%.

Firewood cannot boast of this. For the firebox, mainly low-grade wood is purchased. The value of its natural moisture content is at the level of 55 ± 5%. Drying at home will remove only part of the water from it. But it will not be possible to achieve a decrease in characteristics below 15%. As a rule, firewood placed in the stove contains about 24 ± 2% moisture. Accordingly, the calorific value is reduced.

Conclusion – pellets for heating are more efficient.

Прессованная продукция из опила: серые пеллеты, белые пеллеты, топливные брикеты, шашки для поддонов (бобышки) и прессованные поддоны.

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