Advantages of our products

Production volume

2500 tons per month of pellets and pallet chips and 3500 pallets per day. Such volumes are ensured by a constant supply of high quality sawdust and availability of large stocks in warehouses.

We continue to increase production volumes.

Quality sawdust

All sawdust is made of quality wood, without impurities and is well processed before it enters the line for the production of pellets , pallet blocks or pressed pallets .

We constantly monitor the highest quality.


The plant is equipped with technological and automated equipment. The technologist and the entire staff know their business well and do not tolerate deviations in product quality.

We continue to expand our assortment and introduce new technologies.

We will help you to send products by car or railway, advise and provide all the documentation. 

We cooperate with organizations for delivery abroad.

Прессованная продукция из опила: серые пеллеты, белые пеллеты, топливные брикеты, шашки для поддонов (бобышки) и прессованные поддоны.

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