Сравнение двух продуктов: бруса и прессованных бобышек из опилок для поддонов

Comparison of two products: timber and pressed sawdust barrels for pallets

Pressed pallet checkers are quite durable products of high quality, made from sawdust and a special adhesive composition. They have a low cost, because they are filled with free wood waste, namely sawdust, and the minimum particle size is not limited (even wood dust can be used).

However, the established maximum particle size: for chips is 5×5 millimeters (thickness – up to 2 millimeters), the diameter of sawdust shall not exceed 3 millimeters (length – not more than 9 millimeters). Due to size limitations, most often shavings and sawdust are crushed. After that, they are dried, and then mixed with an adhesive composition. Then the resulting material is pressed and cut. To produce 1 cubic meter of pressed beads you need 0.5 tons of raw materials and 90-100 kg of glue.

Production of pressed barrels for pallets

However, let’s take a closer look at the manufacturing process of pressed checkers for making pallets.

  • Woodworking waste is crushed until homogeneous fractions are obtained, then it is dried to the required moisture level, which is no more than 12 percent. Note that the lower the moisture content of raw materials, the higher the final productivity of the machine.
  • After drying, sawdust in a special mixer is mixed with the binder (proportion is set by technologist). The binder is often formaldehyde-carbomide resin, as well as related compositions (e.g., KFJ)
  • The resulting mass after mixing is placed in the agitating vessels, and from there – in heated nozzles. Different manufacturers have different nozzle temperatures as the speed of the barrels in the nozzle and their cross sections vary significantly.
  • The desired density of the bar is ensured by adjusting the outlet stepladders. For the beads, 600 kg/m3 is considered a good value as it is the closest to that of dried timber.
  • When the timber comes out of the machine, it is faced, acquiring the required size. This is done to facilitate the process of its storage and further transportation.

It should be clearly understood that the production process and the outcome may differ slightly from the above, as they depend on the binder used, the cross-sectional value of the beam and the additives used.

Thus, the production of pressed barrels (balls) for pallets is a complex and almost completely automated process. The final products are obtained using a special hydraulic machine, which is necessary to create the desired shape.

As noted, both timber and sawdust balers are used to make pallets and pallets for storing and transporting goods. And since these purposes require durable products, the beads must be of high quality. Therefore, the resulting products are reliable, durable, able to withstand substantial loads and the price is lower than that of products made of metal.

Коми Дрова Пеллеты, топливные брикеты, шашки (бобышки) для поддонов, прессованные поддоны

Pressed pallet checkers: the main advantages

Pressed sawdust beads have advantages over conventional pressed sawdust beams in almost every way.

  • Due to the use of high quality raw materials, pressed checkers have a higher index of resistance to moisture, tearing and cracking. In addition, the cost of drying a checkers is minimal, because the level of factory humidity – 8-15 percent, while the timber is 40-50 percent;
  • The density of products from extruded checkers – from 0,5 to 0,7 t/m3, the beam has a higher density, so the weight of the pallets from a bar is more;
  • Pressed barrels are the best option for the manufacture of pallets on automated lines;
  • Used for the production of pallets are characterized by so-called good nailing, i.e. they have a high level of resistance to nailing;
  • Products have a fairly long service life;
  • Pressed beads are of very good quality;
  • Products have a high degree of readiness for installation;
  • The use of checkers significantly increases the level of production efficiency of products;
  • In conditions of constant humidity, pressed a checkers have a stable geometry;
  • Products are resistant to temperature fluctuations;
  • Pressed beads are a completely environmentally friendly wood product;
  • The products are fully compliant with the requirements that are set by international regulations for the processing and manufacture of wood packaging;
  • Pressed beads are not afraid of insect pests, as well as mold.
    Today, the average price of 1 m3 of pressed sawdust beads (in case of 200 m3 order) is 11.3 thousand rubles, while the price of 1 m3 of timber varies from 22 to 25 thousand rubles.

At the company “Komi Drova” you can buy pellets for pallets of any size. In addition, here you can buy white and gray pellets, as well as pressed pallets made of sawdust.

Прессованная продукция из опила: серые пеллеты, белые пеллеты, топливные брикеты, шашки для поддонов (бобышки) и прессованные поддоны.

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