Presses for the production of beads for pallets

We offer you pallet bead presses designed for the production of “hot” pressing of strong supports (beads) from chips and shavings, sawdust, left over from the main production.

When selecting other (additional) areas of application of the units, based on operational feasibility, you must be guided by the requirements of these technical specifications.

The presses are made of the following types:

  • Press for the production of a checkers for pallets with an automatic end saw;
  • Press for the production of a checkers for pallets with a manual trimming saw.

The designation of the products when ordering should include:

  • name;
  • indication of press type and model (if any);
    number of these specifications.
Коми Дрова. Прессованные деревянные поддоны от производителя в Сыктывкаре.
Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Power of heating elements, kW


Hydraulic power unit, kW


Number of dies, pcs.


Capacity, m3/day


Number of hydraulic cylinders, pcs.


Circular saw (kW)

2 шт/2.2 кВт (4,4 кВт общая мощность)

Weight, kg


Manufacturer’s warranties

The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the presses complies with the requirements of these technical specifications if the rules of operation, storage and transportation are observed.

The warranty period is 12 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment of the press to the customer.

During the warranty period, the manufacturer repairs (replaces) the press free of charge, except if the failure is caused by a violation of the operating instructions.

After the expiry of the warranty storage period, the operation of the presses is allowed after the acceptance tests.

250 000 RUB.

without VAT with non-automatic mitre saws

List of testing, measuring and control equipment

NameBrief technical description
Cash scales

Weighing limit up to 60 kg, incremental reading 20 g

Metal measuring ruler according to GOST 427

Measuring range: 1000 mm
Scale value: 1 mm

Climate chamber ILKA-310

Temperature range from minus 50 to 50 ° C, the error of maintaining temperature 1 ° C, humidity range from 30 to 98% the error of maintaining humidity 3%

Heat chamber TV-1000

Temperature range from minus 70 to plus 100 °C, temperature maintenance error about 1.5 °C


Dial 60 s

Mercury thermometers TL-4

Measuring range from minus 20 to plus 200 °С, measuring error ±1,0 °С

Barometer-aneroid M110 according to TU 25-05-1664-74

Pressure range: 5 to 790 mm Hg.
Measuring error: ±1.5 mm Hg.

VEDS-1500 vibration test bench

Frequency range 5-5000 Hz

Impact stand ST-800

Frequency from 10 to 120 beats per minute
Acceleration up to 100 m/s2

It is allowed to use other devices and equipment having technical characteristics ensuring accuracy, measuring ranges and test modes required by these technical specifications.

100% prepayment before loading

Payment for delivery upon unloading

We work with VAT and without

Minimum volume 20 tons

Contacts for ordering pressed sawdust pallets

Supply of equipment and start of production on a turnkey basis for any products from pressed sawdust

Прессованная продукция из опила: серые пеллеты, белые пеллеты, топливные брикеты, шашки для поддонов (бобышки) и прессованные поддоны.

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